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A Bit About Myself

My name is Zach Smith and I’m running for the Waterloo Region District School Board trustee for Wellesley-Woolwich. I’ve lived in Waterloo Region for my entire life (except for a brief stint in Guelph) and was enrolled in the public system from kindergarten to grade 12. I am very happily married to my high-school sweetheart for nine years and have two wonderful children. We are hoping for many more! 
I’m a long-time member of Trinity Bible Chapel, where I serve in numerous areas, including teaching in Sunday school, leading in the youth ministry and leading in the street evangelism ministry. My desire to run for trustee is born, in many ways, out of my desire to serve children, their families, and strangers that I may interact with only once in my life.

Why I'm Running for Trustee

As a person of sincere Christian faith and traditional values, I’m concerned with the direction that the public education system as a whole—and especially our system in Waterloo Region—is moving. 
From our WRDSB board officials, I hear a lot of talk about inclusion but increasingly the evidence shows they are sowing division in our schools.

Currently, in the name of “anti-racism” education students in our schools are being taught that white people are always bigoted oppressors and people of colour are always victims without personal agency. Additionally, history is being wrongly viewed through this same Marxist lens of “oppressor-oppressed” and being taught accordingly, which prevents our students from learning of both the mistakes and successes of the past. Finally, students and teachers from conservative religious traditions—or, more generally, those with traditional values—are, every day, made to feel unwelcome in our schools and classrooms. 

As trustee, I will fight to see an end to all this discrimination; I will fight to see that everyone feels welcome in the schools of our board.


Dates & Events

Please keep an eye on this section regularly if you are interested in following my campaign,

as I will include here any events I will be attending or speaking at.

Additionally, I’ve included important dates for the election.

After September 15, 2022:

Electors may add their name to the voters’ list (if it is not already on it) with the area municipal clerk.

October 14 - 24, 2022:

Voting period. Telephone and internet voting can be done during this entire period, but in-person, ballot-based voting can only be done on the 24th, until 8 p.m.